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Memories edited
Memories of an Indian Childhood

Born in Bombay, India Sita takes us on an evocative journey with a large family, neighbourhood friends, childhood bullies, stubborn hairdos and long train journeys. Slowly the light-hearted stories about friendships and games give way to darker more painful memories – her family’s gruelling exodus at the onset of World War II and later the Indian Emergency, precipitating the need to leave India and come to Britain. Funny and moving Memories of an Indian Childhood is a story about growing up. 

Turning Point
The Turning Point

Journey from the temples of Thailand across Asia and Europe. A quest for wisdom through Buddhism.

Join storyteller Sita Brand for an evening that will encourage you to reflect on the turning points in your own life. Sita spent her 30's in search of wisdom through Buddhism, this is her story. This true tale interweaves a cacophony of traditional folk tales and reminds us that sometimes we need to fall in order to rise. This is a story that will touch hearts as well as minds.

Fience girls
Fierce girls and feisty women

Gather round for an eclectic mix of stories from around the world. Storyteller Sita Brand has collected tales of spirited heroines who always, yes, always get their way. Meet the six wives who ate onions. Experience the taste of stone soup. Discover why the barber’s wife is so clever and other outrageous tales of courageous women and outwitted men.

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