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Meet Sita Brand

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Sita was born in Bombay ( now called Mumbai) in India. Her father was the Chief Engineer of Firestone in Bombay and her mother the librarian for Cathedral and John Connon School. She spent many happy hours in bookshops and libraries with her younger brother and sister reading and surrounded by books. In the evenings the family gathered looking out over the garden where her mother would read and tell stories. So began a love of stories.

In 1977 when Sita was a teenager the family moved to the UK, living in Roslyn, Scotland before settling in London a year later. In London Sita began to explore meditation and Buddhism for the first time attending a local Buddhist centre. 

After completing a degree in Drama at Exeter University she got a job as a storyteller with Common Lore and toured schools theatres and libraries for several years. She went on to work as an actress, director, producer and literary manager working for companies like Royal Court Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East and Leicester Haymanrket Theatre. During this time she began to study Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness. 

Then in 1998 she went to South East Asia to work as a storyteller and theatre director. At this time she spent all her free time in Buddhist temples and on retreat. It was here that she read a number of books by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and was determined that she would go to his centre Plum Village in southern France.. 


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